Mobile Diagnostic Check Service.


derbyshire car tuning, ecu remapping, diagnostic checkHow it works:
1. We come to your Home or Place of work.
2. We plug in our Diagnostic equipment and begin reading cars engine management system.
3. Get fault codes and get an idea where the problem is: eg: FAULT CODE P0102 – MASS AIR FLOW MALFUNTION

COST: £20 + call out charge

We serve all areas in Chesterfield for diagnostics, Mansfield for diagnostics, Nottingham for diagnostics and Derbyshire for diagnostics, Sheffield for diagnostics

We come to you! DRKA – Your Local Mobile Car Doctor

For a professional Diagnostic service call DRKA on 0777 3456 000


Select Your Area Below:


Mobile Car Diagnostic Check Chesterfield.

Mobile Car Diagnostic Check Sheffield.

Mobile Car Diagnostic Check Nottingham.

Mobile Car Diagnostic Check Mansfield.

Mobile Car Diagnostic Check Derbyshire.


Diagnostic areas covered:

  • Airbag

  • ABS

  • ESP

  • Immobilser

  • Injection / Engine

  • Fault code reading

  • DPF filter

  • FAP filter

  • EGR faults

  • and many many more


Specialising in all Vehicles:

Audi Diagnostics, Alfa romeo Diagnostics, Bmw Diagnostics, Chrysler Diagnostics, Citroen Diagnostics, Ferrari Diagnostics, Fiat Diagnostics, Ford Diagnostics, Hyundai Diagnostics, Isuzu Diagnostics, Jaguar Diagnostics, Jeep Diagnostics, Kia Diagnostics, Landrover Diagnostics, Mazda Diagnostics, Mercedes Diagnostics, Mini Diagnostics, Mitsubishi Diagnostics, Nissan Diagnostics, Peugeot Diagnostics, Porsche Diagnostics, Renault Diagnostics, Rover Diagnostics, Saab Diagnostics, Seat Diagnostics, Skoda Diagnostics, Smart Diagnostics, Suzuki Diagnostics, Toyota Diagnostics, Vauxhall Diagnostics, Volvo Diagnostics, Volkswagen

Contact Details

DRKA Technicians
Phone: 0777 3456 000
Freephone: 0777 345 6000
Website: http://www.drka.co.uk
Email: mobile.dr.ka@googlemail.com

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