UNLEASH Your Car.. with our custom tuned software with guaranteed results ! Remapping car make your car makes it more efficient & FASTER Will a DRKA remap increase 0-60 times? It sure will ! UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL of your cars true Performance

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We have been trading since 2009!

With over 11 years in the tuning industry we have seen many companies come and go. The owner of DRKA (Lewis) grew up in a family business and learnt that if you are going to do a service for a customer then you do it right. DRKA was built on that core belief and this is why we have second to non customer service and 5 star reviews from our customers. We not only do this a job we teach it too, tuning is a real passion of ours. Our head technician Lewis teaches other companies all over the world how to correctly tune cars. Get a remap for the best and avoid cheap overnight companies (Here today, gone tomorrow!)

Family Oriented

Dealer network covering the UK and overseas!

We have dealers throughout the UK and overseas including New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and Johannesburg. All remaps are custom written by our in-house map writers who write software calibrations for many trusted business throughout the world. This is why we can offer you a 1st class remapping service without the big price tag. Due to writing our own remaps we don’t have the same outgoings as our competitors, you have direct contact with the person writing your file we can tweek and adjust the remap to exactly as you want it.

Race Ready

0% Finance available to EVERY customer!

A lot of our customers choose to pay for our remaps on our 0% interest finance, this basically spreads the cost of the remap over 4 equal payments over 4 months. For example if your remap costs £200 you would simply pay £50 on the day of the remap and then make 3 more payments of £50 over a total over 4 months  (4 x £50 = £200). So there is NOTHING to lose. We GUARANTEE every customer is eligible for finance as there are NO CREDIT CHECKS. Simply 4 payments over 4 months.

Results Driven

Custom tuned, DYNO developed software calibrations to ensure you get a safe, powerful and fully optimized tune for your car or van. We also offer dyno print outs to prove your new performance gains.

Mobile or Workshop Service

We offer a FULLY mobile service to your home or work. Alternatively you can bring your vehicle to our workshop and wait with it. Most remaps take 2 hours.

5 Star Customer Reviews

Checkout our 5 star reviews on Facebook or Google. We work hard to provide you the best possible service and this can be seen by our over 10 years of reviews. All remaps come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind!

Top Performance

We offer all the modifications that you can find in the top tuning houses across Europe such as Hardcut limiter, Ignition cut, Launch control and Pops and bangs. Checkout our YouTube videos of the cars that we’ve recently tuned.

Wellcome to DRKA

DRKA is based in Hasland, Chesterfield. We offer a FULLY mobile service van that is fully equipped to offer our professional service at your home or work. Alternatively you can bring your car to be remapped at our workshop we have  a waiting area with refreshments and Xbox. We also have nearby shops and entertainment including bowling and Cineworld cinema. We offer a premier remapping service covering Chesterfield ECU Remapping, Nottingham ECU Remapping, Mansfield ECU Remapping and Sheffield ECU Remapping. Engine tuning can release LOCKED away performance from your vehicle. You can remap your vehicle to gain  performance  or to increase  fuel efficiency.

Finance available.

Lifetime warranty.

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